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Frankie Tomatto’s was a GTA dining landmark for 25 years.  The attention we received after the closing of Frankie Tomatto’s during the pandemic led us to write a book and share stories of past customers and employees. Frankies was much more than a restaurant.  For many it was a tradition where they would celebrate so many special events year after year. We had no idea there would be so much interest but we’re thrilled to announce the book is now available!

The Frankie Tomatto Story

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What people are saying about the book!

I just finished reading the Frankie Tomato Story.  A terrific read which offers up numerous insights into the restaurant business. Hal Roback,  the restaurant’s founder takes the reader on a page turning journey into how he started in the business and how he found success. I highly recommend it.
Patrick Wilson

President | Hospitality Marketing Services

Hundreds of thousands of Frankie Tomatto’s customers and former employees will thoroughly enjoy this nostalgic and informative book about one of the greatest Toronto restaurants of the past 30 years.  However, the book goes much farther than that.  For both practicing and aspirational restauranteurs it provides a case study of successful concept creation, development, promotion and operations.  I heartily recommend this well-written, amusing and informative book.

Joe Barth

Associate Professor (Emeritus) Gordon Lang School of Business & Economics

Frankie Tomatto’s … was a testament to what can be achieved when a visionary entrepreneur pours their heart and soul into their business.
Anyone who aspires to be in the restaurant business one day … will find his insights and anecdotes about the ups and downs of his entrepreneurial journey both inspiring and eye-opening. It provides valuable insights, practical advice, and a dose of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs. A must read for all students in restaurant programs.

Dr. David Martin

Associate Professor (Emeritus), Ted Rogers School of Hospitality/Tourism

I read The Frankie Tomatto Story cover to cover in one sitting and so should anyone who wants to start a restaurant. With determination, creativity and business savvy, a successful – and super fun – restaurant was built. What a story!

Dr. Statia Elliot

Professor, School of Hospitality, Food & Tourism Management, University of Guelph


Quotes from The Frankie Tomatto Story

This book is perfect for:

  • Friends of Frankie Tomatto
  • Holiday Gift Giving
  • Restaurateurs
  • Entrepreneurs
  • History buffs of the GTA

The Frankie Tomatto Story


The book tells the history of one of the GTA’s most legendary restaurants with a storied past.  It includes lots of photos, stories and interesting facts.  It makes a great gift!

How did Frankie decide the pricing of all the items featured? How much food was needed each day?  Did Keanu Reeves really work at Frankies? The answers to these and many other stories all revealed in the book.

All net proceeds to the Markham Food Bank.

Don’t miss out.  Limited printing run.

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So many stories

Over its 25 years, politicans, celebrities and more all stopped in for the All You Can Eat Italian Feast.  And when Frankies closed our doors in 2020, so many people told us how much they’ve missed us.  Founder Hal Roback and President Paul Dykeman have shared stories  from their personal experiences, and those from customers as well as the celebrity drop-ins over the years. Frankies is missed, but you can relive a GTA icon with this book.

The perfect gift for the holidays!


The Tower Comes Down

In the fall of 2022 the famous Frankies Leaning Tower of Pisa was torn down.  Thousands posted and commented on it and how sad this was to see the final symbol of Frankies being taken down. See the Blog TO article here.

Frankies Closes in 2020

In 2020 Frankie Tomattos closed down after 25 years of serving up the All You Can Eat Real Italian Feast. This was the announcement in Blog TO

Free Pizzas on the Final Day

Frankies refused to go out without making some noise.  1000 customers lined up to receive a free pizza during Frankies final day of business.  See the CTV coverage here.